Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ventura Weekend - Skateboarding

Everyone that came on this trip ripped at skating, which made my job as the photographer relatively easy.
This photo is pure skateboarding to me. We ended up at this empty lot looking for a spot, which had been rendered unskateable. We found this pipe laying on the ground, and although all of us were tired from a long weekend, we still kept pushing along. The desire to skate something new is always there. Angel gets the grind while Donny and Al wait their turn.

Justin Owens, front noseslide.

Kevin Shealy took this 5050 all the way to the end, and into the bank. Everything about this rail was sketchy.

Kevin, bump to the street.

Kevin - pivot yank-in

Lawrence has proper rock n rolls.

Victor - Front feeble pop-over

Victor - 5050 pop-out

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